Customer Service Charter

The City of South Perth delivers a wide range of services to our community and visitors. We receive more than 100,000 direct contacts a year from our customers by telephone, in writing or in person, and our City hosts almost one million visitors each year to the Perth Zoo, Australia Day celebrations and major events.

Customer charter

The City’s Customer Service Charter reflects our commitment to the service standards we provide the community and visitors. It states what we will commit to do and explains how you can provide feedback to help us to improve our service.

Customer service

We wish to work with you to achieve positive outcomes and we commit to:

  • Being competent in delivering information or services
  • Respond to your enquiries in a professional and courteous manner
  • Listen to and respect your issues and concerns
  • Accurately reply to customers in a fair, honest and timely manner
  • Set clear expectations of our actions and deliver on those commitments
  • Consistently apply these standards across all contact points within the City
  • Continuously improve our service by proactively seeking feedback
  • Actively measure and monitor our performance against these commitments.

Customer service standards

Contact by phone Contact by visiting our offices Contact by letter or email

Our response

When responding to your questions or requests for service, we will:

  • Communicate clearly and unambiguously
  • Make a commitment to when and how the matter will be addressed
  • Provide a clear outline of our obligations and policies
  • Notify you if there is a delay in what we have promised
  • Try to avoid the need for repeat visits to the City
  • Advise you of the outcome of your request in accordance of this charter
  • Refer you to the appropriate organisation or place should your request relate to another agency.

Help us to deliver better service

Our responsiveness to you will be enhanced if you can:

  • Treat our officers with courtesy and respect
  • Provide accurate and complete information
  • Quote reference numbers when contacting us about an existing application or query
  • Provide a daytime telephone number or e-mail address in your correspondence
  • Telephone the officer nominated on any correspondence sent to you and quote the file number on the letter
  • Telephone to make an appointment should you have a complex enquiry or if you need to see a specific officer
  • Work with us to try to resolve problems
  • Give us feedback to help us better understand your needs.

Personal information

The City of South Perth respects your right to privacy. We will not:

  • Collect any personal information without legitimate reason
  • Disclose personal information about you without your consent, unless we are required to do so by law.

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